2023 Dodge Ramcharger Comeback

2023 Dodge Ramcharger – We have seen a few big comebacks in the past couple of years and, if the latest rumors are to be believed, another one could soon follow. The 2023 Dodge Ramcharger has been long rumored. It looks like something is happening this time and, even though officials remain quiet, we have high expectations.

2023 Dodge Ramcharger Specs
2023 Dodge Ramcharger Specs

The details of the new Ramcharger are not yet available. We can however make some assumptions about the base and other design characteristics. The first is the platform. It will be completely framed. We expect the new model to be quite large and will have powerful engines underneath. We expect to see hi-performance offroad versions in the future.

2023 Dodge Ramcharger New Design

The platform is the most important aspect of base design characteristics. The Dodge Ramcharger 2023 will be an SUV. We don’t think it will disappoint its customers as the Blazer did a few years back. The Ramcharger will not be a crossover vehicle, but a true body-on-frame SUV.

We expect the platform and many of the parts to be identical to the RAM 1500’s current generation. Both models will share the same mechanics, including powertrains and transmissions. The suspension setups of the base models may also be shared, but we anticipate that the Ramcharger with high-performance will have something different, including an upgraded setup with greater travel and clearance. It’s too early to know the details.


The Dodge Ramcharger 2023 will be an SUV in terms of its exterior design. It’s difficult to say what the dimensions of the new model will be, but it is expected that they will sit somewhere between Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Wagoneer. It will likely sit somewhere between full-size and mid-size segments, and there are rumors that a two-door version could be offered.

2023 Dodge Ramcharger
2023 Dodge Ramcharger

We don’t anticipate any surprises in terms of aesthetics. The half-ton pickup’s front end will have the same grille as the headlights and should look very similar. The body of the vehicle will be constructed in a traditional SUV style, with a boxy design and wagon-like body. The high-performance model would have many additional details that would enhance the off-road nature of the vehicle. It would likely have a rugged exterior, large fender flares, and lots of blacked details.


It is likely that the interior will also reflect the close relationship between RAM 1500 and RAM 1500. This is especially true for the dashboard design. It should be very similar to the pickups. This is a great thing considering the dashboard’s upscale appearance with lots of tech features and fancy materials. Exclusive features and technical solutions can always be expected.

2023 Dodge Ramcharger Interior
2023 Dodge Ramcharger Interior

We believe the Dodge Ramcharger 2023 would have two rows of seating, but it is always possible to add a third row. Its boxy design will ensure ample space for passengers. You should also have plenty of space in the cargo area.


We expect no surprises once again. The 3.6-liter V6 engine produces around 305 horsepower. Higher trim levels will get a 5.7-liter HEMI-V8 engine, which produces around 395 horsepower and 410 pound-feet. The excellent 8-speed ZF-sourced ZF-sourced automatic transmission would pair both engines. It does an outstanding job.

We believe there is a good chance that this SUV will be offered in a high-performance variant. We believe it will come with the super-capable Supercharged V8 Hellcat, which also powers the Ram Rebel TRX with 702 horsepower and 651 pound-feet torque.

2023 Dodge Ramcharger Price and Release Date

Official confirmation of the 2023 Dodge Ramcharger is yet to be received, but many believe the Dodge Ramcharger 2023 will be available in the next year. The starting price is expected to be between 45.000 and 50.000 USD.