2023 Land Rover Defender Convertible Heritage Customs

2023 Land Rover Defender Convertible – The Land Rover Defender is a war-tested SUV that was capable and durable. It also has a removable roof, which made it a popular choice in civilian circles. The new Defender was unveiled, but it was disappointing to see that the British SUVs had a fixed roof. There is no canvas top option. Really? Heritage Customs has responded to their customers’ calls and is currently releasing a convertible Defender Defender conversion based on their Valiance, their custom Defender.

Land Rover Defender Convertible Heritage Customs Redesign
Land Rover Defender Convertible Heritage Customs Redesign

2023 Land Rover Defender Convertible Review

Niels van Roij is co-owner at Heritage Customs. He is well-known for his Ferrari Breadvan Hommage shooting brake recreation. We talked to him about the Defender’s convertible conversion. Heritage coachwork is best known for its Valiance, a modified Land Rover Defender. The exterior is still Defender-like, but the interior has some unique touches. Heritage and van Roij both heard the owners say that they want the option to remove the Defender’s roof just like with their old Defenders. Van Roij stated that a selection of clients has the classic and the new model. “We actually suggested the idea to a group of our clients and received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response. We took the idea forward after that. The team set to work on the Valiance Convertible.

New Design

Heritage begins with a brand-new Defender 90, the two-door, short-wheelbase model. Heritage then removes the roof and rear quarter windows panels from the windshield. Heritage will not be doing the same to the Defender 110 four-door model because it doesn’t look as good without its roof. Van Roij stated, “We believe that a 3-door Valiance convertible is the most beautiful.” Although the B-pillar is still there, it will also need a new crossbar as the Defender’s unibody doesn’t have one. It won’t stick out as much and will look just as good as the rest. Van Roij explained that “We are going to cover the rollbar indeed.” This design choice is both an aesthetic link to the Defender soft top as well as a way to preserve the structural integrity. The Defender chassis’ structural integrity will be maintained by strengthening the unibody. After the body strengthening is completed, the convertible conversion can begin. You won’t have to do anything except unlatch the windshield frame section. The retractable roof can be powered. It’s not possible to open it as wide as you like in a Wrangler.


Many Heritage Valiance owners know that it’s more than a simple touch or a little custom work. These vehicles are more distinctive and can go further than the Land Rover SV Bespoke. Van Roij says that “we are doing a lot more interior treatments to existing client cars.” Many of our cars have completely retrimmed interiors. Heritage will also make new seats for the Valiance. “We are also offering a more supportive, bespoke sports seat, which we have developed in-house, as well as a variety of stitching patterns and materials for the Valiance.” These options are also available for the Valiance Convertible.

Land Rover Defender Convertible Heritage Customs Review
Land Rover Defender Convertible Heritage Customs Review

Magical Metal

Van Roij pointed to the wide range of material options. There are many options, including leather, denim, and Alcantara. One of the most fascinating is “Magic Metal.” Van Roij explained that Magic Metal can be applied to almost all of our cars. Heritage Customs has created a unique metal-binding technique that allows Heritage Customs to paint any type of metal on the interior and exterior of our Valiance.

Patina’ed Plastic

He describes a process that is as fascinating as turning a Defender into an e-Valiance Convertible. A part that Heritage or the customer wants to metalize, like the grille, for instance, that is made of plastic, can be made to look like oxidized–rusted–metal. Heritage’s “Architecture” team can spray a thin layer on the steel and then treat it with an oxidizing process. You get a part that has a patina look but is as flexible as the material it was sprayed with.

You can oxidize any steel, not just black steel. Heritage has probably got a spray for you if it’s a metallic metal like copper, brass or bronze. For a more customized look, the outfit can polish, sand and brush metalized parts. Van Roij stated, “We applied Magic Metal to exterior sides vents, bonnet plates, grilles,” and “On the inside, we apply it to the center stack and door handles, torx screws steering wheel, dashboard backs, and other elements.”

2023 Land Rover Defender Convertible Verdict

Your Heritage Valiance will not only be a convertible Defender but it will also be made to your specifications. It doesn’t have to be stated that this will be a costly process but it is worth it if you are willing. A convertible Defender Defender was made in 2016 by someone else, which is a plus.