2023 VW Atlas Tanoak if Finally Coming Out?

2023 VW Atlas Tanoak – The concept of the 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak was never released. Tanoak is, as the name suggests, a re-imagining of the Atlas SUV. There will be many similarities. Although the company hopes to sell its pickup in the United States, no one knows when this might happen.

2023 VW Atlas Tanoak
2023 VW Atlas Tanoak

Sources claim that the Atlas Tanoak model won’t be made anytime soon. Some speculate that a new model may be available in the next few months. While we don’t know the outcome, it is clear that the original concept was well received. According to reports, Tanoak will have engines that share with the Atlas SUV along with many styling cues.

2023 VW Atlas Tanoak Redesign


The 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak will not be the Atlas SUV’s main powertrain. The new pickup truck will be powered by a 3.6-liter V6 engine. The gasoline engine produces 275 horsepower and 260 pounds-feet of torque. This engine is strong enough to compete against the Honda Ridgeline, as well as rivals such as the Ford Ranger or Toyota Tacoma.

A diesel powertrain is not planned at the moment, but an optional turbo-four gasoline engine of 2.0-liter capacity appears to be the best option. The turbocharger gives the engine 235 horsepower and 280 lbft of torque. The transmission is still a mystery. Volkswagen plans to launch an all-electric Atlas Tanoak in the next four years.


The 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak, a combination of the highly promising concept and the Atlas SUV, is coming soon. The styling is easy to identify, but Volkswagen will add distinctive exterior features. We like the modern design of Tanoak. Tanoak will be unibody, although there are rumors of body-on-frame design.

2023 VW Atlas Tanoak Price
2023 VW Atlas Tanoak Price

The goal is to compete with the Honda Ridgeline in all possible ways, and the unibody platform will only be the beginning. The Atlas Tanoak will likely get the same modern headlights as the Honda Ridgeline, and a unique grille with chrome elements. The back section will be dominated by narrow taillights. At least three wheel options are possible. Manufacturers will offer unique exterior paints, and perhaps a sportier version.


The interior of the 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak shouldn’t surprise. The concept showed a simple interior with many standard features. The higher trim levels might surprise you, but the basic trim level is exactly what Volkswagen has been offering for many years. The pickup truck is a natural extension of its SUV sibling. It is amazing to see the amount of cabin space. We anticipate at least two variants of the cab. Cab options aren’t yet available. The interior design of the Atlas SUV’s interior is identical, featuring the same dashboard and air vents. While certain buttons have been reproduced in the interior, the upholstery will not be.

2023 VW Atlas Tanoak Interior
2023 VW Atlas Tanoak Interior

2023 VW Atlas Tanoak Price & Release Date

The 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak will cost around $30,000. This is an extremely reasonable price considering that the Honda Ridgeline pickup starts at around $32,500. It will be fascinating to see if Volkswagen makes a comeback in the United States. The manufacturer is still waiting for more information about cab configurations, trim levels, and other details. If everything goes according to plan, this pickup truck could be available in less than one year.