2024 Dodge RAM 1500 EV First Fully Electric Pickup Truck

2024 Dodge RAM 1500 EV – The Ram 1500 EV will be the first fully electric version of the traditional half-ton pickup. In addition to the traditional body-on-frame construction and all-wheel drive standard, Ram claims the truck will have a range that extends to 500 miles and will be able to carry over 10,000 pounds.

2024 Dodge RAM 1500 EV Specs
2024 Dodge RAM 1500 EV Specs

2024 Dodge RAM 1500 EV New Design

This includes quick charging speeds up to 150 kWh, and the ability to drive autonomously. The electrical Ram 1500 will come out just a few years later than the planned Ford F-150 Lightning 2022 and possibly after 2023 Chevy Silverado E.V. They will all be equally appealing to customers on the market.

Ram also said he’d join with his rivals in the pickup wars, Ford and General Motors in building the first electric model of his pickup truck. In a press release during E.V. Day of Stellantis’ parent Stellantis, the parent company of Stellantis, Ram said it will build 1500 electric vehicles by 2024, using a frame-on-body electric vehicle that is claimed to have a distance over 500 miles. Ram added that it would provide E.V. versions of every segment it serves, which includes large-duty vehicles, city vans, and cargo vans, by 2030.


In 2025, all cars included in the Ram lineup will be equipped with an electrification level at least, Koval told investors during the conference to discuss Stellanti’s future E.V. plans. Ram also has a commercial-sized fuel cell vehicle coming in the coming months. There are expected to be four separate E.V. platforms, one of which is for urban cars, one that is designed for all-wheel drive performance, along with American motorbikes, one designed for high-end automobiles, and a frame reinforced platform for fleet and truck models.

The company claims that the design characteristics of this platform will permit Stellantis to continually update its hardware and software, and grow with the advancements in technology over the next decade. The company is planning as many similarities as it can within the platform matrix with just one power inverter, and three drive modules.


Two battery chemistry are being planned and will be based on solid-state cells and a cell-to-pack strategy expected in 2026. The majority of Stellantis vehicles will be equipped with an electric version by 2025 However, the transition to battery-electric vehicles will take place at various levels. It aims to have low-emission vehicles exceed 40 percent of U.S. sales and more than 70 percent of European sales by 2025. A plug-in hybrid or electric version will be available for the majority of its vehicles across North America and Europe by 2025, he added. This will leave space for some individuals to be lost between its 14 brands.

Towing Capacity

There aren’t any specific numbers regarding the crane’s maximum rating of the ram 1500 EV. But, they claim that the electric pickup truck it uses will draw more attention than its E.V. competitors. At present, the F-150 Lightning has an official maximum towing capacity of 10,000 pounds. So, the estimate of Ram’s maximum is higher than that.

2024 Dodge RAM 1500 EV Interior
2024 Dodge RAM 1500 EV Interior

Range and Charging

There aren’t any details on the size of the Ram E.V.’s half-ton battery or its charging times, Ram said the truck will have a range of 500 miles. This is 200 miles more than the longer-range F-150 Lightning currently forecasts. Equipped with the D.C. fast charger, the Ram 1500 EV is said to be able to charge at least 150kWh. The performance won’t be restricted only to 60-70 miles per hour. The company’s new platform and battery strategy, the company is targeting an extremely fast charging speed that is 20 miles per hour and the efficiency is 4.3 miles/kWh. The battery packs will vary between 37 kWh and more than 200 kWh. This will need more than 260 GWh in 2030.

2024 Dodge RAM 1500 EV
2024 Dodge RAM 1500 EV

2024 Dodge RAM 1500 EV Pricing

We believe the price will be in the vicinity of that of the Ford F-150 Lightning, which begins at around $42,000, and will rise in the coming years. Therefore, we anticipate that the price of Ram 1500 electricity will open at approximately $45,000.