2024 Toyota Tacoma Eagerly Awaited Here’s what we know.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Eagerly Awaited  – The Toyota Tacoma mid-size pickup truck is America’s most loved. It is a rugged truck with legendary reliability and long-lasting durability. Tacoma is coming to the end of its current generation, and critics aren’t sold. Don’t worry, the eagerly awaited Toyota Tacoma pickup truck 2024 is coming.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Eagerly Awaited Review
2024 Toyota Tacoma Eagerly Awaited Review2024 Toyota Tacoma Eagerly Awaited Review

Although nothing is certain, it is well-known that Toyota will have at least one electrified vehicle in its lineup by 2025. It is reasonable to assume that the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck in 2024 will feature a hybrid powertrain. It will get a new powertrain. Yes. The details of the changes to come will be kept secret until the very last moment. As long as Toyota follows the same protocol as previous releases of new-generation vehicles, that is. The public is generally unaware of the debut. Toyota has stated that an electric pickup truck will be built soon. It is not yet clear if it will be a Tacoma, or a Tundra. Ford has now released a full-size hybrid ute and an electric pickup truck. This is a good indicator of where trucks are heading in terms of electrification.

Engine & Specs

The 6-speed transmission, which critics call “dated”, is one of the main reasons why they are praising the current generation. According to a Gear Patrol article, this would be shocking if the new Tacoma generation doesn’t make these changes. This is a major change that the current generation of Tacoma will experience in the next generational shift. TFL Truck reports that manual 4×4 TRD Tacoma models have a 5% take rate. It is also possible that Toyota will eliminate the option in the next generation. All of this is speculation at the moment.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Eagerly Awaited Specs
2024 Toyota Tacoma Eagerly Awaited Specs

When will the new Toyota Tacoma generation debut?

Gear Patrol reports that the new Toyota Tacoma generation can be expected by 2024. It’s actually the youngest generation of off-road vehicles, with the current generation debuting back in 2016. Toyota will launch new versions of other models like the Toyota Sequoia or Toyota 4Runner in 2022, and 2023. As a new generation, the 2022 Tundra is out. These releases will be followed by the all-new Taco. Toyota trucks have big plans, and Tacoma is not the only one.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Eagerly Awaited Release Date
2024 Toyota Tacoma Eagerly Awaited Release Date

The all-new Toyota Land Cruiser J300 model was launched in other regions of the globe on the new TNGAF platform. This platform will also be used by the new Toyota Tundra 2022. We also expect the new 4Runner, Sequoia, and Tacoma trucks to be built on this platform. It’s time to get excited about the new trucks in Toyota’s lineup. Taco Tuesday is a great day to think about the 2024 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. Almost all of the information we have is speculation. It’s still exciting to look forward to the future of Taco.