2025 Ford Bronco Pickup

2025 Ford Bronco Pickup – Ford’s answer for the Jeep Gladiator. Wait, isn’t the Ranger already able to fill this role? Yes, and no. The Bronco-styled pickup is off-road-focused and will appeal to adventure-minded truck lovers who prefer the Gladiator or Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. The Bronco pickup will have the same bodywork and cargo bed as its SUV sibling. You can remove the roof panels and doors.

Ford_Bronco_Pickup 02


WHY IT MATTERS: Ford has no other cars to sell than the Mustang. It needs its SUV- and truck-based efforts to make it a success by being both plentiful and good. The Bronco pickup is intended to complement the Ranger, which is the Bronco’s base, and offer buyers a stylish, mid-sized truck option. Ford will not complain about the higher profits that this more expensive model will bring in. Ford may be chasing cash. But don’t think so. The original Bronco was a tiny pickup truck, so there is precedent.

PLATFORM AND THE POWERTRAIN: It’s not surprising. The Bronco pickup truck will share the same frame and underpinnings as the next-generation Ranger, but it will be more capable off-road. The Bronco pickup truck will feature the same 2.3-liter turbocharged I-4 or 2.7-liter twinturbo V-6 engines as the SUV. There is also a 10-speed automatic transmission and, fingers crossed, a seven-speed manual gearbox.

ESTIMATED PRICE: Jeep Gladiator is more expensive than the average midsize pickup. It’s especially high for one that doesn’t have power windows, mirrors or door locks. This is the “funtax” for a standard four-wheel drive truck and the Wrangler’s legendary sense of adventure. Like the SUV, the Ford Bronco pickup will likely be slightly cheaper than the Jeep’s and feature more features. The Bronco truck’s MSRP will be thousands more than that of a Ranger similar.