2025 Subaru Baja Small Pickup Truck: Will It Return?

2025 Subaru Baja Small Pickup  – Subaru is a Japanese automaker that has a remarkable ability to make some of the most bizarre-looking cars on the market. Here are some examples. The futuristic, Giorgetto Giugiaro-designed SVX coupe, bug-eyed second-generation Impreza (in its original form), and the seven-seat Tribeca SUV have all made it their mission to turn onlookers into perpetual head-scratchers.

2025 Subaru Baja Small Pickup
2025 Subaru Baja Small Pickup

2025 Subaru Baja Small Pickup Review

The short-lived Baja small pickup, which was undoubtedly Subaru’s most unusual offering, was advertised as a utility vehicle that could be used in a variety of situations. It was actually a Subaru Outback with its rear roof section removed in an odd experiment. The all-wheel-drive model did not have the most loyal following despite its strange dimensions. It had some limitations in load-carrying capabilities, but it was a fan favorite with its sleeper looks, rally-bred underpinnings, and a loyal following.

We are now in 2022 with the Ford Maverick, Hyundai Santa Cruz, and other small unibody trucks. A reintroduction of the Baja could be the solution to attracting the market’s attention after Subaru sales have been struggling. Although the Japanese automaker has not yet indicated a return to Baja, we have illustrated how a Baja return might look and explore all it could offer.


The study is contemporary and clean in line with Subaru’s current offerings. With contrasting black cladding and body-colored inlays, the front embraces Subaru’s off-road ambitions. The hood features an intercooler scoop to show off the turbocharged power. Meanwhile, the DRLs are slim and dynamic, making the truck appear fast even while it is still. Frameless windows, a nod towards the Subarus of the past, are back. The rear door cutline is set aft of the window glass. The contrast theme extends to the cab and chunky fenders. This area has been designed to allow for a variety of color schemes, maximizing visual impact. The high-sided, short bed can be difficult to access vertically. To make it easier, grab handles and box steps have been added. Although the original bed had some limitations, it was practical and functional.

The Baja, sitting atop Subaru’s global platform(SGP), which underpins everything from WRX and Outback, would again be a unibody proposition that offers plenty of occupant space. The cabin design would be more adventurous and loaded with extras like a digital instrument cluster, a portrait-style infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.


Baja’s powertrain could be available in either a turbocharged or hybrid version. Subaru doesn’t really have a top-of-the-line petrol-electric unit, but the strategic alliance with Toyota could make the RAV4 Prime’s hybrid PHEV 302 horsepower (225 kW), the eco-friendly option. The 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder is for those who don’t mind pistons firing horizontally. This turbocharged four-cylinder could be tuned to produce more than 300 horsepower and would surpass the Maverick or Cruz. We wouldn’t pair it with the current obsession of automakers with continuously variable transmissions. ZF’s 8-speed automatic sending power can fill this void.

2025 Subaru Baja Small Pickup Specs
2025 Subaru Baja Small Pickup Specs

2025 Subaru Baja Small Pickup Produced

Logic frames the Hyundai Santa Cruz, Ford Maverick, and Ford Maverick in Baja’s core competition set. Depending on your needs, the Honda Ridgeline is a good choice, as well as some midsize trucks of lower specification, such as the Toyota Tacoma or the Nissan Frontier. Subaru should consider bringing back the Baja. We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments section below.